Proudly serving the Interlake
Welding and Fabrication specialists
Located on Hwy 68 just 5 miles west of Arborg, MB in the heart of the Interlake. Astewo is a fully equipped welding and machine shop.  We specialize in custom manufacturing, aluminum welding, custom farm machinery repair and livestock equipment.

At Astewo we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and cost-effective pricing. Please stop by our call us today for more information.
Custom Manufacturing
We specialize in Aluminum Welding Mig Welding, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Welding.
Livestock Equipment
Astewo is pleased to be able to provide custom designed as well as standard Livestock Equipment. Built with high strength steel and designed for ease of use and safety to the farmer and livestock. Please contact us today to discuss all the options available to you. With Astewo’s excellent customer service and knowledgable design support why look anywhere else!
Our custom built livestock chutes are a must for any cattle farmer. At Astewo we can work with the client to build a design specific to your need. Also available are standard stationary cattle handling systems. All made with quality material and at a competitive price.
A must on any farm or homestead. Livestock panels have a variety of uses and are a cost effective choice.  We have a variety of sizes available. Please contact us today
Manual parallel axis squeeze chutes available. Astewo offers a wide range of product and options to customize to your need.
Dog Kennels & Dog Run’s - Made of stainless steel, low maintenance, sturdy, durable and attractive we have or can make exactly what you are looking for. We can customize both indoor and outdoor kennels.